Providing Your Home With An Upgraded Furnace

At some point, you may need to upgrade the heating system that keeps your home warm during the winter. When this need arises, individuals will often look to the option of installing a furnace to provide heat, but they may underestimate the factors that must be considered and can influence your decisions when it comes to installing a new furnace in the home.

Evaluate Whether A Gas Or Electric Furnace Will Best Meet Your Home's Needs

One of the first choices that will need to be made when it comes to your new furnace will be choosing between a gas or electric-powered system. While electric systems can be easier to maintain, they can also be more prone to suffering disruptions from power interruptions. However, a gas-powered furnace will require more maintenance to keep it functional due to the amount of residue that the burner may produce.

Appreciate The Importance Of The Condensation Drain

If you choose to install a gas furnace, it will have a condensation drain or pan, and it is important to appreciate the role that this component will serve. Otherwise, you may fail to keep it clear, which can lead to water damage occurring to the unit or the floor nearby. As the furnace runs, it will produce large amounts of condensation from the cool air being warmed. Without the drain and drain pan, the unit would likely flood.

Size The Furnace For Your Home's Particular Needs

Sizing the furnace is another important factor to consider. While the basic square footage of the home can be the main factor in determining the size of the unit, you will also want to consider the condition of the home as well. For example, a home that has minimal insulation will need a stronger heating system to keep the interior within the same temperature range as a home with better insulation.

Avoid Crowding The Newly Installed Furnace

When you are choosing a location for the furnace to go, you may want to make it a point to leave at least a couple of feet on each side. This will allow the unit to get enough airflow. If the furnace is crowded, the amount of airflow that it receives will be reduced, which can cause excessive wear and reduced heating capacity. In addition to being important during the initial placement of the system, you may also want to be mindful when storing items near the furnace so that you avoid crowding it with storage boxes or other items that could also impair airflow. 

For more information, contact a furnace installation service.

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