Tips And Recommendations For Summer Air Conditioning Use

Keeping your home cool during the heat of summer is essential to keeping you and your family members comfortable and also preventing heat illness and injury. There are some items you can complete on your home to help your air conditioner work well. Here are some recommendations to help keep your air conditioner in good shape and working its best all summer.

Get an Annual Tune-Up

If you talk to any air conditioning or HVAC specialist or installation professional, they will tell you that it is essential that you service your air conditioner each year. If you just install your air conditioner and expect it to work year after year after you put it into and take it out of winter storage, you will soon be disappointed. As the weather heats up for the long summer daylight hours, your air conditioner is likely to stop working due to clogged or dirty coils or a filter.

Hire a service professional to inspect and tune up your air conditioner each early spring. They will go through your air conditioner to check its systems and components, such as the motor and its bearings, and lubricate them. They will also clean out the condenser coils and clean or replace the filter. Within the unit is a condensate drain. They can check it and clean any debris from its interior so it will drain properly and not clog up and begin to smell in your home.

Arrange for a Service Agreement

To help you with your annual servicing of your air conditioner, you can sign up for an annual service contract agreement. This type of annual contract will provide you with routine annual check-ups to clean and prevent damage inside your air conditioner. Many service contracts can also give you priority repairs if your air conditioner does stop working and you need immediate repairs to keep your home cool.  Talk to your HVAC technician about any available service agreements.

Complete Your Own At-Home Care

In addition to hiring a professional to service and tune up your air conditioner, you can take some measures to keep it working its best. Check and clean out or replace the filter every month or so during the summer months. If you have pets or you smoke, you should check and clean or replace the filter more frequently. It is best to keep the filter as clean as possible to ensure strong airflow to keep your home as cool as possible. 

Also, close the blinds or draperies on any southern- and western-facing windows during the afternoon when the sun hits them directly. This will cut down on your AC's power usage, and you will notice that your home's interior remains cooler.

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