Upgrading A Residential Boiler System

Selecting a new boiler for a home can be an important choice as these systems will provide heat and some may contribute to the home's hot water. In addition to being an extremely important appliance, the boiler will also be complicated, which can make a thoughtful evaluation and comparison of these systems essential for getting the best results.

Decide Between a Combustion or Electric Boiler

Homeowners will have the choice between getting a combustion or electric boiler. It is common for individuals to assume that combustion boilers will be the better option due to their efficiency and high energy output. However, they will be far more difficult to maintain as they will need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. For homeowners that are wanting to avoid increasing the amount of maintenance they will need to do, this can be a major disadvantage. However, those that need a boiler with an extremely high energy output may find that electric models struggle to keep up with their needs.

Have Accurate Measurements for the Area Where the Boiler Will Be Placed

Boilers are large appliances that will need a fairly large amount of space. In addition to the physical space that the boiler will occupy, it may also need additional space so that it can get sufficient airflow. Take the time to get accurate measurements for the space where the boiler is going will require some of your time as you will need to record the height, width, and length of this space so that you can calculate the maximum size of boiler that you can use. Avoid assuming that you can use this entire space as you will want to leave at least a size inches on each side for airflow. By providing a boiler contractor with these measurements, they can help you with effectively sizing one of these units for the home.

Compare the Noise Levels for the Boilers

As with other components of the HVAC system, a boiler can be surprisingly noisy when it is running. Depending on where the boiler is located, these noise levels can actually be high enough to cause disruptions for life in the home. When you are comparing these units, reviewing the noise rating for them can make it possible to easily choose the unit that will produce the least noise while still meeting your heating needs. You may also research the noise rating for our current model boiler so that you will have a better idea as to how potential units compared to the boiler that you currently have.

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