Signs You Need An AC Technician

If you have an air conditioning system, then you should be aware of the malfunction signs that mean you should call a technician. Otherwise, you might delay too much and allow the malfunctions to worsen. Here are some of the signs you should be aware of.

Difficulty Starting

An AC that won't start won't give you any cooling at all. An AC that starts only after some difficulties is clearly inefficient. You need to know the cause of the difficulties so that you can prevent further problems. AC start difficulties are caused by various things such as a capacitor malfunction since the capacitor provides the necessary current for starting the AC. The problem can also be triggered by a sieved AC motor that won't turn, which can be as a consequence of wear and tear or overheating.

Uneven Cooling

You also need an AC technician if some parts of the house are colder than others. This problem can be caused by AC problems or problems that have nothing to do with the AC. For example, you may experience uneven cooling if you have located the thermostat in the wrong place – somewhere it is subjected to draft or heat sources. Uneven cooling may also be due to an oversized AC that cannot run long enough to cool the entire house. 

Short Cycling

AC short-cycling occurs when the AC cannot run long enough to cool the house; it only runs for a short while and shuts down before starting again. As mentioned above, using an oversized AC is one of the causes of short cycling. Other causes include clogged air filters that cause the AC to overheat, an improperly calibrated thermostat that sends the wrong signals to the mainboard, and problems with the AC's electrical controls, among others.

Excessive AC Condensation

Some level of condensation from the AC is normal. After all, the AC doesn't just cool the house by lowering the air temperature; it also works by pulling some moisture from the air. However, you have a reason to be worried if the condensation from the AC is too much, and it is almost as if it is leaking. Maybe the filter is dirty, the condensate drain pipe is blocked, or the refrigerant level is too low.

Unusual AC Noises

Lastly, you should also call a technician if the AC is unusually noisy. It might be that the AC is leaking refrigerant or experiencing an electrical fault. Mechanical damage, such as a bent or broken fan, can also lead to unusual AC noises.

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