Purchase A New Window Or Portable Unit To Cool Down Your Rental Bedroom

If you will be renting out a room in a residential home owner this spring and summer, you may be concerned about your share of the electric bill and the likelihood that you will have free rein to use the central air system that is installed inside of the home. But, what do you do if there isn't a central air system or if the person who you are renting from prefers that you cool your bedroom down with your own means?

Speak To Your New Landlord About Your Responsibilities And Rights

First, you need to know if your new 'landlord' is going to have a problem with you using a new air conditioner whenever you would like. It is best to agree upon a set fee for the utilities or to split the electric bill each month with your landlord. Knowing that you are able to use your a/c unit whenever it is humid or hot outdoors will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your new surroundings.

Choose A Window Or Portable Unit

Next, you need to consider a window or portable unit. If you are going to be renting the room for a while and have someone to assist you with the ac unit's installation, a window unit may be the type of air conditioner that you wish to purchase. Read the specifications for each model that interests you so that you can choose a unit that is large enough to cool down your bedroom.

Your other alternative is a portable unit. With this type of unit, you do not have to anchor any heavy pieces. The only part that you will need to hook up is the exhaust hose. Portable units are versatile and provide the flexibility of moving one to another part of a room if desired. A window or door kit will be included with a portable unit. This kit contains a bracket material that has a cutout in it.

The cutout is designed for the end of the exhaust hose. First, you need to measure the window where the exhaust hose is going to be secured. Next, you may need to cut the bracket material down to size, unless the bracket piece is self-adjustable. After opening a window and securing the bracket, move the portable unit next to the window.

Connect one end of the exhaust hose to the bracket's cutout. Afterward, turn the unit on. If you ever decide to move out of the home or to use the air conditioner in another part of the room, you won't have trouble moving the main component of the air conditioner, since it can be wheeled along the floor. 

For more help, contact an air conditioning service in your area.

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