3 Crucial Maintenance Tips To Help Your Air Conditioner Live Longer

Do you hate the heat and are grateful that your air conditioner means that you don't have to put up with the summer temperatures inside? Are you glad that summer is over and that fall is here? Whether you enjoy the summer when you can go to the beach, have barbeque dinners, do other summer activities, or you'd rather spend your time indoors, nearly everyone eventually grows tired of the high temperatures and can't wait for cooler weather to arrive. But just because summer is over, this doesn't mean that you can stop thinking about summer just yet. Without the proper preparations, you could be forced to spend some time next year without any air conditioning in your home. Some things that you must do include.

1. Get a tune-up: Since most people probably aren't thinking about their air conditioner now, this is the perfect time to call your local air conditioning repair company for a tune-up. Since it's the off-season for air conditioning repairs, you may be able to get a substantial discount in comparison to what you might have to pay if you waited until spring or early summer. In addition, having your air conditioner checked out now will allow you to find out if there is anything amiss that must be repaired before next year.

2. Cover your air conditioner: Whether talking about a car or an appliance, mechanical items that aren't in use should have a protective cover added. A protective cover will prevent things like snow or tiny insects and lizards from getting into the unit and causing damage over the course of winter. In addition to preventing otherwise unnecessary air conditioning repair, a cover will also keep cold air from entering your home and warm air escaping your home through the air conditioning vents. This layer of insulation around your air conditioner will help keep your heating bill lower in the winter.

3. Replace the filter: Dust can be a major killer of air conditioners if left unchecked. Dirty filters will either let this dirt through or make the air conditioner work so hard to suck air through that it can overheat and die, necessitating a sometimes-expensive air conditioning repair call. You should never leave a filter in place for longer than it says on the label. If you have several pets, there's a smoker in the house, or there are pollen-heavy trees outside, you may want to replace the filters after half or two-thirds of the specified time. Never leave a dirty filter in place over winter, always replace it in the fall so that this task isn't forgotten when you turn the air conditioner on again when warm weather hits.

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