Three Things You Should Know About Your Home's HVAC System

If you've recently purchased a new home that has a central air conditioning system, you need to understand the truth of air conditioning maintenance and care. Unfortunately, many of the beliefs surrounding the upkeep of air conditioning systems are not accurate. There are many things you need to understand as a homeowner. Here are some important facts about your home's central air conditioning system.

You Shouldn't Have To Refill The Refrigerant Regularly

When an air conditioning condenser is manufactured, it is filled with the proper amount of refrigerant. Since the air conditioning system is a closed system, that refrigerant should be sufficient for the entire lifespan of the system. If, however, your air conditioning technician is refilling the refrigerant in the system on a regular basis, that's an indication that there's a leak somewhere.

Any time your refrigerant has to be refilled, your HVAC technician should inspect the system and find the source of the leak. It's important that the leak be identified as soon as possible. Refrigerant leaks need to be repaired to keep you from introducing freon into the atmosphere on a prolonged basis.

You Should Change Your Air Conditioning Filter Regularly

It's easy to assume that your air conditioning system's air filter only needs to be changed during the annual or semi-annual inspection and service appointment. Unfortunately, if you only change the filter once or twice a year, that can leave your air conditioning system vulnerable to dirt, dust, and other particles building up inside it. These particles build up in the system when the filter is too clogged to allow clean air to pass through properly.

Allowing the system to run with a dirty air filter can actually be damaging. When the system isn't running at its best, that can increase the wear and tear on the system. It has to work harder to keep up with the thermostat settings. This can ultimately cost you more in maintenance and cause you to replace the system sooner than you would otherwise. To avoid this, change the air filter every few months, or four times a year. Change it more often if you have pets or are a smoker.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Maximizes Efficiency

While it can't make your system run more efficiently than it's rated to, routine ac maintenance a couple of times a year will ensure that your air conditioner runs at its maximum efficiency. This is because the fins, condenser, and coils will be clean and free of anything that can interfere with the system's operation.

Just remember that maximizing efficiency won't make your system produce more air than it is actually capable of. If you're having a hard time cooling the upstairs, that's often because the system can't produce enough air flow to reach throughout the house, especially to the furthest point upstairs from the condenser unit. You can improve the system by installing a zoned air conditioner. That allows for two separate condensers to function, enhancing the air flow throughout the entire house.

If you don't want to install zoned cooling, you may want to consider installing a booster fan in the system to help encourage further air flow. These booster fans will help force the air through the entire internal air system. It will help you keep the upstairs level cool, which is harder to do since heat rises.

These are a few important things that every homeowner needs to know. The more you understand about your air conditioning system, the easier it will be for you to keep your home's HVAC system functioning. Talk with a local air conditioning repair technician today for more tips and specific information about the condenser that's installed at your house.

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