Fueling The Furnace In Your Home; What To Buy And When To Buy It

Heating your home in the colder climates with a furnace that runs on heating oil is pretty common. Force hot water and hot air systems use similar systems but what they heat and how they heat your home is different. In either case, that heating oil in the tank is important but what should you get and when should you get it?

What To Buy

When you are ready to buy heating oil, there are some things you should consider. Where the oil will be stored is the first thing. If it is going to be in a tank outside the home, you might need to look at a blended heating oil. Blended oil is #2 heating oil mixed with K1 (kerosene) but the ratios are not always the same. Some oil companies will blend the fuel at a 70/30 mix (70%#2 oil and 30% K1) others will say 60/40 is better. While there is not real clear information as to which is better, you can decide what works best for you and order it from the company that offers what you need. For indoor tanks, straight #2 heating oil is fine.

When To Buy

The timing of when to buy your heating oil is sometimes debated because unless you have a very large tank, you most likely will not get through the winter on one fill. Ordering, when the price is low, is great and if you can fill the tank at that right time when the low price is available, you could save some money. The problem is getting the price and timing it for the lowest price. If it is very low today and you wait for it to drop a little more, the chances that it is going to go back up while you are waiting are very likely. Holding out for a drop in cost might ultimately cause you to pay more so be careful if you are trying to track the trends in price.

Pre-order To Save Money

To say this is a gamble is an understatement. Some oil dealers will offer you a low price in the summer or fall if you buy the entire winter's oil up front. They estimate the amount based on previous years usage and allow you to pay for the oil now and they will deliver it as you need it all winter long. Here is where the gamble comes in. If the price drops after you pay for the season's oil, you miss out on the better price. The convenience sometimes outweighs the cost but if you are all about saving money, you might prefer to roll the dice and see where the price falls through the heating season. The choice is yours to make.

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