About the Problems an Air Handler Can Experience

Are you fed up with the inefficient central air conditioning system in your house? One area of the system that might need to be repaired is the air handler, as it plays a major role in energy efficiency. There are several parts inside of an air handler that could be causing the problem. Take a look at the information in this article in regards to why an air handler might become problematic.

The Motor Is Not Powerful Enough

The motor is the most important part inside of the air handler. Basically, it must be powerful enough to help the fan rotate. A weak motor leads to the fan barely rotating, which results in less air coming into your house to cool it down. It is possible that there is a short in the motor that can be repaired, but you might need to get a new one installed.

Air Is Unable to Fully Pass Through the Filter

There is an air-handler filter that might require some attention. A contractor can inspect the filter for dirt, as too much of it can prevent air from passing through as it should. If you allow the contractor to clean the filter, the cleaning should make a difference in energy efficiency. Keep in mind that sometimes cleaning an excessively dirty air filter is not possible, and that means that you will need to replace it.

You Need to Get the Motor and Fan Cleaned

One of the most common things that can cause the motor and fan in an air handler to malfunction is dirt. It is natural for dirt to accumulate on the parts, which is why a thorough cleaning is needed every now and then. For instance, an accumulation of dirt can stall the fan and make it difficult to spin, while the motor can completely stop working. Simply hire a contractor to open up the air handler and get rid of all of the dirt.

The Entire Air Handler Is Damaged Beyond Repair

It might be time for you to invest in a new air handler for your air-conditioning system. If there are numerous problems, replacing the entire air handler is likely in your best interest. For instance, if you are constantly having to get the fan and motor repaired, they may be about to stop functioning altogether. Get your air conditioning inspected be a contractor such as D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to find out if the air handler is problematic or not.  

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