Fixing An Air Conditioner That Is Not Cooling Your Home Properly

If you use an air conditioner during summer months to keep cool and you are finding that your window unit is not emitting cool temperatures as it should, you will need to troubleshoot the problem in an attempt to have it work properly once again. In some instances the air conditioner may need coolant servicing. If you had this done recently, there are a few other reasons why an air conditioner might not be working up to par. Here are some steps you can take to find the reasoning for this trouble so you can once again enjoy cool air when conditions are hot.

Check For Simple Fixes First

Before you get upset about your unit, check to make sure the reason it isn't working isn't due to a simple problem. Make sure the unit is plugged into an outlet securely and check that the circuit breaker to the outlet has not been tripped. Check the thermostat control level to make sure it has not been altered to have the machine kick on at a higher temperature than you had thought.

If you have pets, check over the air conditioner's electrical wire to ensure it has not been chewed, causing the unit to not work as a result. This would need to be repaired by a specialist and the wire should not be plugged into the outlet in this state as it could cause a fire.

Make Sure Placement Is Proper

If your air conditioner has too low of an output for the room it is cooling, you might not be able to feel the cool air you are expecting. Make sure the unit you are using is compatible with the space you would like cooled. If there are obstructions in front of the air vent, air will be trapped behind it. Move curtains, draperies, and large pieces of furniture out of the way so you can enjoy the coolness your air conditioner provides to the fullest.

Clean Your Unit Out Completely

Running a unit that has not been cleaned out may hinder the air flow, making the air conditioner need to run for longer periods of time to effectively cool the area. To clean a window unit, unplug it from the wall, remove the cover and use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any embedded grime from the coil's fins inside. 

Wipe down the coil with a damp piece of microfiber cloth to remove caked-on grime. Swap the air filter with a new one or rinse it with clean water if it is a reusable filter. Dry thoroughly before replacing. Lubricate the motor according to your owner's manual and replace the cover.

If you can't find what's wrong, talk to professionals from a company like Arc Electric & Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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