Unclog And Clean An Air Conditioning Unit's Condensate Line

If water is leaking from the bottom of your window air conditioning unit, the condensate pan may be full due to a blockage in the condensate line. The condensate line is the tube that is connected to your unit and is responsible for transporting condensation outside of your home. Clean out the pan and unclog the line by completing the steps below. Once finished, your unit will work properly and water will no longer drip underneath it while it is being used.


  • mop
  • towels
  • scrub brush
  • mild detergent
  • water 
  • screwdriver
  • bucket
  • tube brush
  • shop vacuum cleaner with hose
  • flashlight

Clean The Pan And Unclog The Interior End Of The Line

Turn off the air conditioning unit and unplug it. Mop up any water that is on the floor. Pull out the condensate pan that is located at the bottom of the air conditioning unit. Empty water from it. If it has a dirty interior, use soapy water and a scrub brush to clean it. Rinse the pan out with plain water and replace it underneath the air conditioning unit when finished.

Unscrew the end of the condensate line. Tilt the end of the line into a bucket so that water or loose debris is collected inside of it. Insert a tube brush into the line and move it up and down to dislodge any materials that are stuck inside. Reattach the line and tighten the hardware to secure it to the air conditioning unit. 

Unclog The Opposite End Of The Line

Locate the opposite end of the condensate line. It will be outdoors, close to the side of your home. Use a scrub brush to remove any dirt that is clogging the end. Peer inside of the line with a flashlight if you have trouble determining where the clog is located. Once the line's interior is clean, use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to suck up any liquid that remains in the line. Hold the hose firmly against the end of the line while the vacuum is turned on for a few minutes. Replace the end of the condensate line back in its appropriate spot.

Go inside your home and turn on the air conditioning unit to make sure that water is no longer dripping from the condensate line. Inspect the unit and clean the condensate line's interior when needed in order to prevent clogs and water from dripping onto the floor.

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