Should You Use A Heat Pump For Your Home?

If you have the option to decide on what kind of heating and cooling method will be used for your home, you may be considering a heat pump. In order to decide if having a heat pump will be best for your home, you'll need to know how they work. A heat pump will absorb the heat in your home and pump it outside the house to cool down your home. The system can also be reversed, taking the heat outside your home and pumping it inside. Its functions would replace both an air conditioner and a furnace.

When you are not sure about if this heating and cooling method is best for your home, ask yourself these 3 questions to see if it would be a good fit.

What Climate Is Your Home In?

The heat pump will be compromised when the outside temperatures are very low, causing it to not work very well. If your home is in a region that sees harsh winter temperatures, it will not be practical to use a heat pump to keep your home warm. This usually means when temperatures drop below 40°F, you will then need to have a supplemental heating source to keep your home warm.

Does Your Home Not Have Much Free Space For Appliances?

If you have a small home that doesn't have room for a furnace, heat pumps can actually save you some much needed space if you do not use a supplemental heating source. This can help you regain some space from where the furnace would typically go, which could make a big difference if your home does not have a basement and the furnace must go on the first floor.

How Expensive Is Electricity In Your Area?

Different parts of the country see different rates for electricity and natural gas. A heat pump operates entirely off electricity, which makes it an ideal choice if you area has high natural gas prices. Even if you do need a supplemental heating system, a heat pump can help reduce your natural gas use during a large part of the winter when the temperatures are still above 40°F.

Does it sound like a heat pump would work for your house? Get in touch with a local heating contractor for a consultation. They can give you more information about the installation and pricing that are specific to your home during a consultation. Contact a business, such as McFoy Refrigeration, Inc., for more information.   

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